The Ring

This Monday something amazing happened.


I’m going to marry this guy. And I’m so freaking excited and happy.

It’s a commonly held belief that for every person there exists someone who complements them perfectly. Not so long ago, when faced with a conversation about love, I would have thrown side eye and changed the subject. I don’t know that I ever really believed in love. Or maybe I believed in it, but never imagined myself finding it. 

In my experience, a lot of emotions that masqueraded as love turned out to be something else entirely. Codependency. Fear. Loneliness. Savior complex.

So now, having found the real thing, I’m just blown away. Humbled. Awed by the fact that this man loves me. Despite my flaws. Despite my past. Despite my baggage.

When Ryan proposed, he said he didn’t know why I chose him. That we were opposites in so many ways. But that he was so glad I did.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. He is a caring, patient, kind and generous soul. I feel safe with him in a way that is totally new and unexpected. I trust him implicitly, with my past and with my future.

He is my perfect match.

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