Busy as a bee

Just thinking about how I’ve been too busy to write lately, and had a lightbulb moment… namely that the things that keep me busy are the things I should be writing about.

Looking back over the last seven days, some pretty awesome stuff:

Ending the work week last Friday down two team members, ended this one with a twitchy left eye. Friday night out with K +J; the weekend of Celtic festival made for big crowds downtown. Loooong wait at Mudlick Tavern after beers at the Dayton Beer Co. R falling asleep at table.

Saturday helped out at mom’s with plaster mud cleanup, had dinner at BBQ? with Ryan’s family for his dad’s birthday, before stopping by C + Ds for a quick pub shed beer before heading out to the Yellow Cab to see E and A dance. High cover and thin crowds. Always interesting people watching, theme of the night had something to do with fairies.

Sunday mom, M and Z picked up R + I for some shopping. Jungle Jim/s. lemon lavender shortbread, olives and habanero beer. (I’ve gained 5 lbs this week. Really.) IKEA for blinds, couch pillow covers, plant shelf. Met Zoe’s new friend Ben. At IKEA. He came to meet us at IKEA, having never been before. Brave boy. Family dinner at moms (veggie lasagna – M) help move furniture. Prepping bedrooms for mom’s new Chinese exchange students, L + C, who we’ll meet at an International Pool Party next week.

Started the work week…. exhausted.

So, over the course of the work week (*eye twitch*) some other stuff has been going on.

Got the hard top suspended from garage and a nice neighbor helped to get the soft top on the Jeep (I BOUGHT A JEEP!!)


<here’s a pic of Gatsby riding in the Jeep; he’s digging it>

<he also still smells like a skunk from that adventure couple weeks ago>

Planning Zoe’s 18th birthday trip to DC

Put a coat of primer on ceiling at moms house

Made sweet + spicy refrigerator pickles

Built the plant shelf

Reading the Dark Tower: Song of Susannah (Dark Tower movie out tomorrow!!)

Joined Muddy Buddies (Jeep Jam 8/19!!)

Went to core class 2X, elliptical 2X

Had M over for dinner and first sleep over at our place

Z had a friend over to spend the night. Friend is transitioning. Feels more appropriate to me to continue to call by given name.

Funded my brokerage account to meet minimum for Roth IRA. Adulting like it’s my job.

Took Z to Wright State to sign up for College Credit Plus classes on campus at WSU this fall. She now has official student ID (she’s super stoked).

Her Jeep has a death wobble.

Took Z school clothes shopping; need to pull supply list, get her to clinic for required booster vaccine and pay school fees. Two weeks until school starts. Decide of more ACT/SAT testing needed. *eye twitch*

Going to look at kittens tomorrow. So. Excited.

baby lion cat

Then CS reunion hang at Ls, pool time with Cass Saturday <need to find a pool> then cooking lot’s of meat at our place <need to figure out sides>


*update: We adopted this guy… introducing Finn: